Our Products

: Our modular solutions start with data collection and generation of responsible governance processes, comprehensive exploration, modeling APIs, and creating tailored data visualizations for each use case.



Our creative team is constantly developing new modularized products that help our customers solve their everyday needs, from data management and forecasting systems to award winning data visualization tools.


Merlin is a connected, personalized dashboard of key business metrics and events across the supply chain, enabling organizations to better understand, prioritize and resolve critical issues.

Merlin leverages advanced technologies to help break down data silos, reduce or eliminate manual processes and gain actionable insights.

Predict Box

Predict box is a forecasting-as-a-service platform that applies ML and DL-based forecasting algorithms that combine our customers’ time series data with additional variables to generate specific, out-of-the-box forecasts for process optimization and decision support.

We help our clients prepare, plan and manage inventory to better serve their business needs and strengthen their long-term growth. 

Document Manager

Cloud-based document management and workflow automation solution that helps companies transfer their documentation on a unified platform. Enabling users to perform automated data entry and management, while ensuring the highest security and privacy standards for compliance with laws such as HIPPA and GDPR.


Plotypus is an automated plot generator. The clients input their data, and the designer will create nicely designed plots based on our clients’ preferences and data.


Abogaria is a legal technology company that offers efficient, accessible and transparent online services. Our platform features innovative tools that streamline case management and offer an unparalleled experience to our clients. Above all, our mission is to simplify the legal system and improve access to justice, always promoting ethics and social responsibility in everything we do.