Having data is not enough; you need to be able to understand and analyze it. But many times data is isolated, disconnected and fragmented.

Our clients have a wide variety of needs to use their data to its fullest potential.


Below we share a few cases that our clients have made public to share what we could do for you. The cases portray examples of data processing, analytics, modeling, and visualization.


Our partners are committed organizations. We are happy to contribute to their efforts to find ways to accomplish their goals. Our clients are mainly private sector companies, but we also partner with universities, local and federal governments, and non for profits.

Color de piel - COLMEX

Color de Piel

This platform presents the results of our clients' research on skin color and its relevance in terms of employment and civic participation in Mexico. 


Job and Labor Market Information Tool

Job and Labor Market Information Tool

Developed the Analytical Tool for Information on Skills and Jobs in Demand, whose objective is to generate systematized information and indicators of the local labor market in real time, based on analysis of the millions of job listings posted every day by employers.


UNHabitat - Infonavit

CPI - Infonavit-UNHabitat

On this platform, Infonavit and UN-Habitat present the results of the Prosperous Cities Index (CPI) which, under an integrative approach, provides tools to identify opportunities and strengths to build more prosperous cities.